Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson No matter what people say, I do believe that Michael Jackson is a great artist. He always was, and I guess he always will be. There are so many stories, which were published about him.
Good ones and lately since a couple of years, bad ones. Nobody knows for real, what the deal is with him.I will be the last one who will judge him, without even knowing him. Even the story about his own kids is interesting. Are they really his, or were they created as retort-babies?

The only one who knows, is him.
Never thought, that he would have a temper. Just read in a paper, that he got pissed off about the health of his child. They were saying, that one of the boys had to go to the hospital. He got so upset about that, that he turned against the hotel-suite and destroyed it. The paper was saying, that he put everything he found, in the toilet. The pipes got stuck of course. He damaged the whole suite, unbelievable. On the other side, in this case I believe it could be the truth. So I do not doubt it. Never thought that he has some emotions, or that he got a real temper, though. Personal, I wasn't quite sure, if he even has serious interest about his kids. Well, hopefully he has and he got some interest as a father. (Only as a father). Who really knows, who he is and what's all about the stories. For me as a mother, I sure hope, that he has father-interests in the kids. Hopefully he will take good care of them until they grow up and can make decisions on their own. It was at least a good sign, that he seems to care for the kids.


© Eva-Maria Schubert-Laudenklos