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Since I was 10 years old, I had the opportunity to watch boxing with my father. Saw for example Cassius Clay against Joe Frazier. Cassius Clay, everybody should know by now, called himself then Muhammad Ali. Saw the fights with Sugar Ray Leonard. Read about our boxer Max Schmeling. My father said, I was too little, he was the greatest boxer we ever had.

When I grew older, of course I still watched boxing. One of my favored sports.

Since Mike Tyson boxed, I watched his fights also.

The question to me is, how can somebody call him a Monster like the Brits called him two days ago, when so many people made money off him. People have to realize, that Mike Tyson is maybe not perfect, but he was good enough to spent all his money to several people, which used the shit out of him (even by legal contracts). At the time, when they created and made Iron Mike Tyson, he was for everybody, even for the newspapers etc., good to go. Serious, this is only a couple of years ago, I talk about 1989 for example.

Promoters, managers (even some wifes of them) got a big benefit out of him. As he started and was the "Champion of the World" he was the Iron Tyson, the greatest, the glory. Where he came from, how he was brought up, nobody cared in the first place. Why he became a boxer and at what age, nobody gave a shit about him. It was all about money, just like today in 2000.

Life went on, he was the Champion of the World, nobody won against him. He, Mike Tyson, was the greatest!

Several years ago, when this girl accused him off rape, the shit started. Tyson was for sure accused off rape and had to go to jail. His career was almost finished. His so called friends, where somewhere over the rainbow. The spending milk-cow was a loss all of a sudden. And for sure, let's think about, why in the world, should a Mike Tyson rape a girl, which called him at 3.00 o'clock in the morning and wanted a visit. Which respectable girl is calling anyway at 3.00 o'clock in the morning. This is just a thinking. Mike Tyson could have a lot of women, for me, my own opinion, I guess, he does not have to rape somebody. So, he lost a fight also, not only in his life, even in the ring. He was used by a Hollywood slot, which is well known, even by Eddie Murphy. I suggest, to get any further, all of you, who like him, and all of you, who don't, read the Biographie about him and judge then. Even though, nobody has the right too.

Mike Tyson was also 14 years old, when he started and was taken over to become a boxer and stay off the streets. Tyson is not an animal, he is a man who grew up in the wrong neighborhood. He is maybe aggressive, but who isn't. When people get pushed to the side, how do they react. When other people earn and he does not even have money left to himself, got cheated in the first and the last place, how would YOU react?

Tyson He made mistakes, so what? Still, why do the enemies off him, watch him then? To see him fall, again? Doesn't he fill the pockets of his managers, of the hotels, of the promoters, of the TV? In case, he is good enough for that, who has the right to judge this man and call him first the CHAMPION OF THE WORLD; AND NOW THE MONSTER?
Why don't people take care of their own business and leave him alone. He suffered already, he did not have the education, so, I feel people, should not treat him this way, especially not the "so called" friends, who filled their pocket through him.

He has the right to get respect, just like everybody else.

I just had to say this. Without a Tyson, the box-sport would be almost death. A little bidy Prince Naseem Hamed could not keep it up for years! This is a matter of fact.

Something else, in case "YOU THE READER" feel, that you are perfect, look inside of you. In case you are, let me know! I am not perfect, and I won't become perfect either.
Tyson Tyson


© Eva-Maria Schubert-Laudenklos