Mike Tyson 24.06.2000 Mike Tyson/Lou Savarese

I sure do not wanna talk about this "who knows what fight it was" for 38 seconds. Hell no!!!!

Wanna state a fact, Mike Tyson should care for the own dirt in his country USA, about the prejudice they have. (Serious I know what I talk about, I have been there and some of my female friends are black.
I've been there and I know what I say and what I saw!!!!)

Besides, the US government is in Bad Aibling in Bavaria (which I doubt, he heard of Bavaria anyway). They're checking our whole Europe out, with satellites. For example the check our e-mails and phone calls! But hell no, our politicians, responsible guys in our government (no matter, if CDU Helmut Kohl or our SPD Gerhard Schröder) are blind, they do not wanna see, cause we all love the USA!!! Sure we do! ;)

For Mike Tyson I think he may should read as a black guy; about black history, instead saying some bullshit about Germany. I refer to him

Ralph Ellison "Invisible man"

first of all. Then he should read about Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz. The first car was done in 1885. 1926 Daimler and Benz got together in Cannstadt. The second world war with the austrian fool "name well known", which leaded our country into disaster, deep shit, bad luck and leaded the world into the 2nd world war, was totally out of control between 1939 and 1945. We germans still pay for the mistakes, which were done between 1939 and 1945. Usually the saying is, leave the past behind, not with Germany. Even though, our generation was not into it (it is 55 years ago, since the country Germany lost this senseless and stupid war), we pay for this war no matter where and how, we pay and pay; and it still goes on. I do not see, that the US government is paying for this, what they call, "beautiful high tech war" in Jugoslavia. They destroyed the country. People are dying as off today, because of mines and bombs, which are everywhere, but not there, where the enemy was, like they said! Mike Tyson has really a problem with hisself, ok I got this message years ago. Now I have serious doubts, that he can read and write. Also I ask myself, how high is his IQ? Does he really have one, to talk so many shit at once? That he loves his job, I bet, what else could he do, besides boxing???? Sorry for what had happend to him in the childhood.

Racists, sad as hell, are in each country!
Dumbasses are in each country too. Still, I believe, he should think about what he is saying, he is not a little boy no more in the Ghetto, he wants to be a grown man and therefore he should react like this! (This is my opinion).
Mike Tyson vs. Lou Savarese

20.10.2000 Tyson vs. Golota

Mike Tyson vs. Andrew Golota was a different fight. Everybody bet, that Mike Tyson would win in the first 2 rounds anyway. Well I guess, he would have won anyway. Even though that Andrew Golota was a little rusty in the first round, he tried his best in the second. All of a sudden, before the 3rd round could even start, Andrew Golota did not wanna fight anymore! Even the referee was in shock. Golota's corner was in disbelieve and tried real hard to make him fight again. Andrew Golota made up his mind and left the ring. Beer flew, Pop corn flew, he did not mind it. The man just walked out.
Mike Tyson was stood up. Guess, he could not believe it either. After a while he also left the ring.
Now, in the first two rounds both men fought. It was a fair fight. Well , Golota wasn't even that bad. Who knows, what the hell he thought, when he left the ring. I can't understand the point, of giving up. This is ridiculous. Andrew Golota is a grown man. So, I guess, this is it and he won't fight no more. This fight could have been a good one. Sad, that it wasn't.


© Eva-Maria Schubert-Laudenklos