Prince Naseem Hamed

Prince Naseem Hamed A guy, which I really admired at first. He fought like crazy, he fought like nobody else.
Then all of a sudden the last four fights were nothing like that at all.

I thought personal by myself, maybe this is the reason, because he has a wife and a kid. But, hell no, he can fight, like he was used too. This is great to know. Everybody knows, that he fought since he was little. So, the man knows what he does.

Prince Naseem Hamed Prince Naseem Hamed is arrogant like hell, I can't stand it. Still, the man has a destination in his life. Personal, I think he got it now! He wanted to be somebody and he was and he still is somebody. In his case, I can say, he made it already. With the help of his family he made hisself and the family a career.

When he wouldn't be so arrogant, he would be a nice fellow. Well, I admire him still! After Prince Naseem Hamed showed on saturday March 11th 2000 his best.

It was a great fight, I can say at least.

Prince Naseem Hamed Maybe, his prayers helped him too, maybe not.
That he is grown up in Sheffield / England is one thing, but his heart is still arabic with the Yemen, where his family originally came from.

This is the reason for the Islam. Well then, I wish him luck for the future. Maasha Allah

10.09.2000 Prince Naseem Hamed/Augie Sanchez

The fight between Prince Naseem Hamed and Augie Sanchez was in the first round for sure boring. The rounds after the second were totally different and full of action from both sides. But what has happend to Augie Sanchez is real bad. Prince Naseem Hamed should have had stopped after the second punch, instead of going on. Boxing is sport and nothing else.
Augie Sanchez wasn't scared of Prince Naseem. It was a real good fight, before Augie Sanchez was really more than knocked out. Hopefully he is well and he can fight again and go on with his career.


© Eva-Maria Schubert-Laudenklos