Jose Silva

Hier kommt gleich die Originalnachricht von Jose Silva:

Ich bin nicht arrogant und nicht vermessen, aber dieses Zitat könnte von mir sein:

Rettet die Welt, solange es noch möglich ist! Evi ScL

ZITAT von Jose Silva an die Menschheit!

Genius n. A person who has extraordinary intelligence surpassing that of most intellectually superior individuals.

by José Silva

Contemplate and meditate on where humanity stands today on this planet. You will readily see that the human race is going in a demoralizing, degenerative, destructive direction. If not corrected, this can only end in disaster. Indicators indicate that:

Crime is getting worse all the time, everywhere.
Drug trafficking is causing great human suffering, and increased violence and killing.
Water and air pollution are ruining our planet, our home.
Many individuals are discouraged and no longer even try to lead productive, creative lives.
Teenage pregnancy, especially to those who are not ready to be parents, is creating a whole underclass
that is not functioning creatively and productively.
Global unrest continues to increase.
Many nations are going bankrupt.

Wars are being fought over who gets a piece of land, how a person should worship, and for selfish economic reasons. This stressful situation is bound to shorten the life span of the human race. Well, that’s the “blue framed” (negative) image. Now that we’ve identified the problem, the next questions is:

“Why do we have all of these problems?”

Who’s in charge here?

Genau das, frage ich mich immer und immer wieder!